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Since 1940, Lazgill has continued to invest in technology and its employees. Accredited to:
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100 Iss.D Aerospace
  • ISO 17025 UKAS
The precision engineering company has maintained a steady growth, based upon a controlled expansion and development plan. Training is seen as paramount in the 'continuous improvement' cycle. Environmental issues also playing a significant role demonstrated by working to ISO14001 standards.

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  • Andrew Lazarus

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    Our MD for the last 15 years, Andrew 'cut' his business and engineering 'teeth' with Smiths Industries. In excess of 25 years service with Lazgill has given him the opportunity to understand the vigorous requirements of manufacturing in the UK. He says "I am very proud of what I have achieved with Lazgill".

  • Leon Lazarus

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    A man. proud of his achievements and that of the company he brought to the world of sub-contract precision engineering. Perhaps more accurately put, 'introduced the world of sub-contract precision engineering to Lazgill Limited' and never looked back.

  • Graham Budnik

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    Coming from an Aerospace background, some 10 years ago, Graham brought to Lazgill a new direction on the 'shop floor', the 'sharp end' of the business. He says of Lazgill, "we are good. 100% on time delivery is where we are and where we will stay".

  • Ron Griffiths

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    Arriving as QA Manager some 9 years ago, Ron finds himself engrossed in todays world of Quality assurance both for Lazgill and Calmet Laboratories. Keeping the various accreditations working for the business and a wealth of knowledge in the diverse type and quantity of industries in which we work. "Never a dull moment" were words once uttered!

  • Joy Jenkins

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    Invaluable says the M.D.... Efficient, exact and getting the job done are all the key skills in a job as varied and important as Senior Administrator in a busy business. Joy has these and a whole lot more, in abundance.

The activities of Lazgill Engineering are split into the sub-contract precision manufacturing of component parts through CNC Milling and Turning and Calmet Laboratory Services, our calibration and repair division.

Calmet continues to expand its already wide scope of accreditation and traceable activities. Encompassing the skills to perform a huge variety of calibration, it specialises in its 'one stop shop' philosophy. We are delighted to have won significant contracts from UK 'blue chip' companies to take over the complete administration and organisation of their calibration requirements, whilst offering database access to each client via the internet for up-to-the-minute data and management services.

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Accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 Aerospace, TS16949:2009 automotive and ISO 17025 UKAS.