Lazgill fully embrace the responsibility that we all have to protect our planet and the life that it supports. To that end we are proud to assist our environmentally thoughtful clients in their endeavours regarding this highly important global market.

A whole new industry has grown up around environmental issues. This is a complex evolvement of life to sustain us on this planet, to make the things we need to survive last a little longer, to make them a little more affordable and to attempt to reduce the damage that we do to our climate.

Our Environmental services include…

  • Lazgill work with our customers on design to improve cost efficiency.
  • Use effective and efficient production methods and techniques.
  • Have the ability to “think outside the box.”
  • We have the capability to work with a multitude of materials.
  • We offer price stability and constantly implement component improvement initiatives.
  • Lazgill have the capacity to handle small and large batch quantities.
  • We operate using a flexible working policy.
  • Lazgill offer a Shipped to schedule or kan-ban delivery service.

We are delighted to be involved in the production of power through the free and natural resource of wind and tide. Collecting and processing this ‘free’ resource is certainly not free, nor even cheap, but that is why we have been successful in this industry. Once again we are here to offer a first class service to provide component parts at an effective cost that allows our customers to continue to thrive through the growth of their business and the evolvement of new products and services.

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